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Omnique Integrates with AMS

Attention Independent Dealers! We Have Good News!

Omnique is proud to partner with Auto Master Systems, offering independent dealerships a cohesive and integrated sales and service solution. Used together, these systems expand flexibility, maximize operational efficiency, and boost profits. The Omnique-AMS collaboration takes dealership technology and capability to the next level for those looking to grow their independent dealerships.

What Omnique Does

Omnique is a premier shop management software for independent auto repair shops and dealership service centers. The system focuses on customization to adapt perfectly to each business’ individual needs. Explore Omnique’s full features to learn more!

What AMS Does

Auto Master Systems develops software for self-financed auto dealers. The flexible design fits all business sizes, and comprehensive features help businesses run smoothly and efficiently. Explore their dealership management software to learn more.

What We Do Together

  1. Quickly create customer repair orders, assign technicians, and track job status with integrated workflows.
  2. Eliminate manual data entry with ticketing and estimating.
  3. Automatic expense posting and parts return credits on an integrated accounting system.
  4. 24/7 Remote accessibility from any device with cloud-based processes.

Read more details on Omnique’s AMS Integration.

Why Both?

Busy dealerships who are happy with their dealership management system don’t need to go searching for something to replace it. They need something that can bring their repair and service management up to speed. Omnique streamlines the service department and seamlessly integrates to bring sales and service together.

Omnique’s Commitment to Independent Dealers

The partnership with AMS underlines Omnique’s continued commitment to the success of independent dealerships. We continue to look for and implement new paths that improve how our clients manage their businesses. This specific integration allows dealers to upgrade their technology for more efficiency.

Contact Us Today

Want to learn more about the benefits of using these two systems? Contact us today! Our support team will be happy to answer any of your questions. You can also request a demo of Omnique’s shop management software to determine if it’s the right fit for your dealership.