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Contactless Payment Software

Invite to Pay on Omnique

Omnique is designed to help auto repair shops optimize processes, from the very first interaction to the last. Use the Invite to Pay contactless payment feature to collect payments quickly and remotely.
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Why Omnique?

Smart technology for your shop helps your team get work done faster, which makes customers happier. Today, customers appreciate online services that free them up from physically visiting your business. Omnique’s Invite to Pay feature allows them to complete payments for their automotive services from anywhere.


Omnique is compatible with all major operating systems and devices.


Your privacy and your customers’ is secure and protected on Omnique.


Our support and customer success staff is available to help your shop day or night through multiple channels, including phone, email, and live chat.

Collect Payments Faster

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Omnique has integrated credit card processing, allowing you to send repair invoices and accept payments from customers in just a few clicks.

Spend Less Time at the Computer

A remote payments feature frees up your team from the tasks that keep them chained to the checkout counter. Omnique allows your customers to complete transactions online.

  • -Information is secure and protected on our servers
  • -Signatures print automatically on repair orders
  • -Automatically mark repair orders as ‘Paid.’
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Integrated Credit Card Processing

Integrated credit card processing through 360 Payments can further improve your checkout experience and how you take payments. With 360 Payments, you can accept all major credit card brands and types. Signatures print automatically on the repair order, and it is even marked automatically as ‘paid’ in our software.

Invite to Pay

Want more options? Consider texting invoices to your customers so they can pay from their smartphones. This feature sends the invoice in an SMS message for customers to review and complete at their convenience. This can improve their experience and shorten the wait times at your checkout counter.

Safe-Distance Checkout

It’s important for businesses to have tech that can support safe customer experiences. Omnique offers a contactless payment software solution as part of our automotive shop management system. With Invite to Pay, you can collect payment for repair orders without having your customers in front of you to hand you a credit card. Encourage safe distance auto repairs and have your customers complete transactions from their home, work, or even from just outside your building.

Secure Access

Separate user log-ins for multiple levels of security. Customize your employees’ access, so they only use the features they need.

Stay Connected

All you need is internet connection to access Omnique, and you will always be connected to your shop with real-time information.

Automatic Save

Omnique stores your data on a secured server and has off-site backup, so your data is always protected and saved automatically.