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5 Ways Your Auto Shop Should Be Using Text Message Marketing


Gone are the days of picking up the phone and making a call. Now, all you hear is “just text me.”

And guess what? Your auto repair customers feel the same way. They want you to text them. SMS messaging provides an incredibly convenient and easy way to communicate with your target customers.

Just look at these numbers from Text Request:

  • 99% of texts are read
  • Texts are read within 5 seconds of being sent
  • 45% of marketing texts get responses
  • 9 out of 10 people would rather get a text than a call

Compare that to average email open rates of 30 percent or less, with an optimistic click-through rate of just three percent. And if you’re old school and would rather call? Only 20 percent of people will answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize, and they will almost never respond to a voicemail.

Bottom line? Your shop needs Auto Repair Text Messaging software. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to utilize.

Here are five ways your auto repair shop should be using text message marketing:


1. Maintenance Reminders

You want your customers to trust you as a provider of reliable auto service. While they’ll be happy to have you when things go wrong, more than anything, they will come to you for routine maintenance.

After all, preventative care is the best way to keep problems from arising with their car. The thing is, people often forget when it’s time for an oil change, new tires, brakes, or any other service. 

Instead of leaving it to your customers to remember when they’re due for service, you can send them a text message to remind them. It’s even simpler than you think — your Auto Repair Text Messaging software will know when they are due for service and automatically send them a text when the time comes. They’ll have the ability to schedule their appointment right from the text!

This level of communication, customer care, and convenience will increase your customer loyalty and keep cars coming in for routine maintenance checks—a reliable revenue stream for your auto repair shop.


2. Appointment Reminders

Once they’ve booked an appointment, you can stay in front of your customers and send them reminders. If they miss an appointment, it’s lost money for you, so a reminder is well worth your while, especially when it takes no additional time from you and your staff. 

Send them a reminder with the option to confirm or reschedule if they’ve encountered a conflict. When you can better manage no-shows, it allows you to take in more cars and help your team manage your workflow more efficiently. 


3. Update Your Customers On The Progress Of Their Repairs

It’s never fun dropping off your car and either sitting there for hours or waiting by the phone for a call. Your customers will appreciate being kept in the loop through text message updates. 

It’s a simple, personal way to communicate with customers about the status of their car. This is especially true for bigger repair jobs. Tell them when parts have arrived, the progress of the repairs, and of course, when the job is done. Your customers will love getting that text that it’s time to come get their car.


4. Exclusive Coupons, Promos & Specials

Another way to build customer loyalty is to send them coupons, promos, and deals via text message. These are especially effective around the time you know they are due for maintenance. 

Some car owners are religious about keeping up with maintenance, but others tend to ignore the car until something goes wrong. These text message coupons and promos will be especially valuable for this group and motivate them to keep up with maintenance. 

You can even send helpful, seasonal tips to motivate your car owners to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape and show you care. 


5. Gain Customer Feedback

When you send SMS marketing messages, you can easily open a dialogue with your customers. This builds customer appreciation and gives you the opportunity to attain instant feedback. 

Ask them Y/N questions via text, provide them with a link to a survey, and show them that your level of service—and their opinion—matters to you. This is perhaps your biggest loyalty-building tool of all!


BONUS: Paperless Invoices

Now, your customers don’t even need to come in and pay in your front office. When you have shop management software installed, you can use paperless invoices and have them pay right through their phone. This saves your auto technicians valuable time traditionally spent upfront on the computer and register.

Instead, just text your customers a paperless invoice when their car is done, and allow them to pay right through their phone. It’s that easy!



Auto Repair Text Messaging software is a low-cost, high reward tool for your auto repair shop. It’s an easy way to stay in touch with your customers in their preferred method and is a proven, effective way to engage with them fast.

SMS marketing also requires little time for your staff to implement. Once you’ve enrolled your customers, they’re in the system and will receive updates when it’s time for repairs. 

Ready to give it a try? Shop Boss offers a 30-day trial so you can put SMS text messaging to work for your auto repair shop. Sign up today!