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OMNI Insights

Single View Analytics

See your shop's performance in one single view with a powerful one stop dashboard to monitor your shop's KPIs.
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Get the Information You Need at a Glance

Accelerate the performance of your shop by digging deeper into your data.

Single View Analytics

Analyze your shop's KPIs in one single view.

Clean Visuals

Get a simple, easy to understand picture of your shop’s performance, updated in real time.

Deeper Insights

Optimize the performance of your shop by digging deeper into your data.

Straightforward Visualization

Cut through the noise and focus specifically on what’s most important to you and your shop. Target specific KPIs and use your data and paint a clear picture of your ongoing performance.

Increased Efficiency

Utilize Omnique Insights as your one source of truth, accelerating your reporting process and increasing the efficiency of your shop. Your dashboard allows you to view your shop’s KPIs earlier, for more proactive planning.

Let Omnique Do The Hard Work For You

Counting, calculating, and deciding how many parts you have and need is grueling. Let Omnique do the work for you! Our Automotive Inventory Management software will recommend ideal stock levels for the parts you use based on your sales history.

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Get access to all of Omnique's features on a full-feature, 30-day free trial.

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Omnique has no downloads, contracts, or upfront fees. It's easy to get started.


Omnique is web-based so all of your data is easily saved and accessible.