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Integrated Tire Fitment & Ordering Tool

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Catalog or over-the-phone ordering isn’t the most efficient way to get tires anymore. Use Omnique’s Integrated Tire Fitment & Ordering Tool instead! QuickParts Tires allows you to find vehicle and tire specs and place an order for the exact tires you need, all in our easy-to-use system.
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The Right Tools Make You More Money

Increasing margins as an auto repair business is a careful balance. Omnique can help you do it with confidence. QuickParts Tires shows you what you can get tires and other parts for from local suppliers or distributors. Then, we can help you calculate recommended prices to help you get more profit without losing customers to price.

Secure Access

Separate user log-ins for multiple levels of security. Customize your employees’ access, so they only use the features they need.

Stay Connected

All you need is internet connection to access Omnique, and you will always be connected to your shop with real-time information.

Automatic Save

Omnique stores your data on a secured server and has off-site backup, so your data is always protected and saved automatically.

Operations & Ordering In One Place

Search Tire Fitment Specs

The Tire Fitment & Ordering feature gives technicians information about vehicle specs and tire fitment in the palm of their hand.

Order & Invoice

Once you know what tires you need, you can order them and add them to the customer invoice, all within Omnique’s fluid shop management software.

  • - Find tire specs for any make or model
  • - Order tires from your preferred supplier or distributor
  • - Filter by brand, rating, and more
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Convert Sales Faster

Create Quotes

Our Tire Fitment & Ordering Tool gives your shop the ability to hand customers tire estimates quickly. Handing your customers the accurate information they need can easily turn into more sales!

Price Competitively For Your Shop

Depending on your business and tire order, you can set the right price to make your customers happy and stay competitive as a tire provider in your area.

  • - Send invoice or estimates to customers
  • - Price your services and repairs competitively
  • - Confidently and quickly share quotes

Why Omnique?

Even if an Integrated Tire Fitment & Ordering Tool isn’t something you’re ready for now, Omnique still has features to help your shop grow. You can customize your plan to include the features you need, and as you grow, you can add more to suit your growing business. When you’re ready to start selling tires, this tool will help you make the most and make customers happy.


Omnique is accessible on all major operating systems and devices.


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