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AMS Integration

Working Together For You

Omnique Shop Management integrates with Auto Master Systems (AMS) to help shops streamline their service operations by cutting out time-consuming and detailed data entry. Learn more about the integration here or reach out to us with any questions. Our support team is here to help!
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One System For Everything

How much time does your team spend writing up repair orders? Entering vehicle information? Tracking down parts? Omnique’s shop management software is designed to improve all your business’s operations, and it’s made possible by our powerful integrations. Working with AMS helps us alleviate burdens that hold your business back from success.

Boost Productivity

Omnique integrates with other industry leaders to make shops more productive and efficient.


We understand that cohesive tools simplify business operations and management.

Remove Barriers

Inefficiencies hold your business back. Break through barriers with streamlined, cohesive tools.

Free-Up Your Team With Automation

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Your business is only making money when techs are working on cars. Give them more time to do that by eliminating the need for manual data entry with our AMS integration.

Alleviate Accounting Burden

Omnique’s AMS integration automatically posts recondition expenses to ROs and synchronizes with accounting systems. It also tracks vendor invoices, and parts return credits.

  • - Create repair orders, assign technicians, and track statuses
  • - Streamline concerns and customer feedback on the DVI
  • - Automatically posts reconditioning expense and syncs with accounting

Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Streamline Your Workflow

Automated functions free your team up from tasks that require clicking buttons, so operations move more quickly and efficiently for a better guest experience.

DVI Feedback

Automatically sending a DVI and major concerns from your team to the customer helps them feel better about working with your shop. AMS integration makes the whole process pain-free.

  • - Spend more time with customers than behind the computer
  • - Customize to your needs and goals
  • - Scale to your growing business

Why Omnique?

When it comes to choosing the right shop management software for your business, you need someone who understands and adapts. Omnique was created by former shop owners who know the struggles to success in the industry. Our system is designed to make the path to success easier for all size auto repair shops. Whether you’re joining us with one location or ten, we adapt to your needs with customized plans.

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