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Automotive Electronic Parts Ordering

Designed By Former Shop Owners

Omnique features an Automotive Electronic Parts Ordering tool -- QuickParts -- to help shops easily find and source the parts they need. Our software can calculate and recommend ideal stocks for your shop based on your sales history. Manage inventory across one shop or ten!
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Smart Tools Do The Hard Work For You

Omnique’s comprehensive auto repair shop software does the hard work to help shops make more on every repair job. Use the QuickParts electronic parts ordering system to save parts you frequently use, set minimum and maximum stock levels, or just let Omnique do it all for you! The right parts shouldn't be hard to find, and the right ordering tool helps you work quickly and efficiently.

Add to the Repair Order

Add parts to the repair order in one click.

Save Parts

Save frequently used parts for reorder or use.

Manage Stock

See inventory numbers and automate ordering.

Standardize Pricing & Maximize Inventory

Make More

QuickParts gets you one step closer to standardized pricing by helping you select and save parts for specific repair jobs. No more losing clients to price or selling jobs with low margins.

Lose Less

With preset maximum and minimum stocking levels, Omnique will help you ensure parts aren’t collecting dust or wasting money by sitting on shelves. Only order parts when you’ll really need them.

  • - Standardize your services and prices
  • - Manage minimum and maximum stock levels
  • - Help your business grow with higher margins
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Creating Value for Today’s Busy Shop

Do More With Your Time

With QuickParts, you can create an estimate, order the necessary parts, and schedule an appointment on the calendar with a technician in 90 seconds flat.

Combine With Mechanic Labor Guides

Omnique includes mechanic labor guides to ensure everything from the time you order the parts to when they get on the car goes smoothly.

  • - Easy to set up and start using
  • - Accessible from any smart device
  • - See what parts are needed with mechanic labor guides

Save Time & Money

Our Automotive Electronic Parts Ordering feature saves you the time of searching through catalogs or calling suppliers for the specific parts you need. Search local or preferred distributors and save parts to repair jobs for easy reference. You can write a description, categorize the part, and add it to a repair order with just a few clicks. It’s more than a convenient way to do business.

Customizable SMS

Omnique is a fully customizable SMS that adapts to your needs.

Pay for What You Need

Omnique's value is unmatched. Pay for only the features you need and use.

Automate Operations

Automations will improve your business and operation management.