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About Omnique Shop Management

Over 70 Years of Industry Leadership

Our Roots Run Deep

Omnique is the premier shop management software solution for the independent automotive repair and sales industries. In 1938, when our founders started building custom V8 engines in their urban Denver shop, the idea of a web-based shop management software was science fiction. But their commitment to providing auto mechanics the tools they need carried them through the years. Over 70 years later, in partnership with Circle Industries & Technologies, they created the Omnique Shop Management Software as a distinguished tool for auto repair shops.

The team at Omnique is committed to your shop’s experience and success. We know how hard you work to get customer service right for your visitors, and it’s our honor to extend the same quality care for you. If you need assistance or support, contact us at 866.435.2100. You can also check our FAQs for more information.

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We Understand What It Takes

When you’re looking for an auto repair shop management software, chances are you’re looking for something that can check a lot of boxes. It has to work seamlessly, be easy to implement, and so much more. With a long history in the automotive industry, we know what it takes to run and manage a shop, and we’ve built all the necessary features into our software to get the job done. Omnique’s comprehensive management software has a growing list of features and integrations that will help you and your team stay on track for success.

Customizable for Your Shop

At Omnique, we strive to provide long-term value to our auto repair shops. That’s why we offer unique, customizable plans that fit what your shop needs today, with easy ways to expand as your business grows. You won’t find custom-fit solutions like this anywhere else because no other shop management software is set up around your growth and success. Contact us today to learn more about a customized plan for your shop.

Meet the Team

Cavan Robinson

General Manager

Cavan joined Omnique in 2020, having previously worked as director of product marketing for an automotive software provider, DealerSocket, since 2012. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he’s a bit of an outlier with the Colorado team, but they can all agree on one thing … it’s cold.

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Erik DeBoer

Product Manager

Erik has been with Omnique since 2012, starting in sales and moved up to product management. Previous careers include software development and automotive. As a Colorado native, he has always had a passion for cars, anything automotive and the love of his family. If you cannot find him at Omnique look in his…

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Jennifer Harding

Director of Strategic Operations

Jennifer has been with Omnique since 2016 and has a passion for finding solutions to problems. As a Customer Success Manager, she assists her team with onboarding initiatives and product sales/support. Born in Texas, raised in the Midwest, and currently residing in sunny Colorado, Jennifer brings a colorful personality and out-of-the-box insight to…

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Thomas Johnson

Customer Support Specialist

Thomas joined Omnique in 2021 and is excited to bring his automotive repair and customer service experience to the team. He enjoys working with the Omnique sales and support staff at their headquarters in Denver, CO. He spent 5 years as a mechanic before deciding to change pace and use his experience to…

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