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Dealer Management System Integration

SMS Tools For Dealership Service Departments

Omnique's software integrates with dealership management systems, offering additional value for dealership service departments. Explore the ways Omnique can improve the management and efficiency of your dealership service department.
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Integrated Features Make Work Easier

Dealerships aim to provide the highest standard of service. To do that, they need the right tools. Omnique’s powerful features and integrations don’t just make it possible for service departments to provide great service, they make it easy to get jobs done and make customers happy. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your existing dealership management system.

AMS Integration

Omnique and Auto Master Systems (AMS) work together to help shops reduce or eliminate time-consuming data entry. We help your service operations run more efficiently.

DealerSocket Integration

DealerSocket offers a range of solutions for franchise and independent dealers. Our partnership with them supports operational efficiency.

More Integrations to Come

Omnique's shop management software is growing to anticipate the needs of our users. We continue to improve our system to help shops and dealers work better.



Omnique’s parts ordering system integrates with your DMS to track every item in inventory, minimum and maximum inventory levels, and parts costs and profitability.


With Omnique’s SMS added to your DMS, you can schedule and log technician labor time, set up customer appointments and approvals, and attach DVI reports or photos.

  • - Track, record, and manage inventory and team members
  • - View scheduled appointments and team time clocks
  • - Move between repair orders and parts ordering seamlessly
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Built for Today’s Service Departments

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Incredible features like a Digital Vehicle Inspection software and Auto Repair Labor Guide help your team get the job done right for your customers.

Build Trust and Relationships

A good service department is the backbone of customer satisfaction and retention of the dealership. Make sure your team has the right tools to promote a great customer experience.

  • - Access from anywhere
  • - Build canned jobs and quickly access labor times
  • - Value-adding features, including DVI and mechanic labor guide

Why Omnique?

Omnique was created by people who understand the pains, stresses, and pitfalls of running an auto service center. Every feature on our platform is designed to make dealer service departments run smoother for a better guest and employee experience. It’s easy to implement and has an immediate impact, so what are you waiting for? Try Omnique today!

Secure Access

Separate user log-ins for multiple levels of security. Customize your employees’ access, so they only use the features they need.

Stay Connected

All you need is internet connection to access Omnique, and you will always be connected to your shop with real-time information.

Automatic Save

Omnique stores your data on a secured server and has off-site backup, so your data is always protected and saved automatically.