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Automotive Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Tool

Whether you manage one shop or ten, Omnique's inventory management tool will help you save time calculating and save money by preventing parts from sitting on shelves.
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Put Parts on Cars, Not Shelves

A large inventory of parts that’s just waiting on shelves isn’t earning your shop money. The Automotive Inventory Management software from Omnique helps your shop optimize inventory to eliminate money wasted on unused parts. Only order what you need, but don’t get caught waiting for parts to get a job done. Our system calculates the sweet spot of inventory stocks for you.

Automatic Orders

Omnique tracks how many parts you have and how many you need and automatically orders to optimize inventory.

No Parts Left Behind

Don't waste money on parts you don't need. Omnique helps you track what's getting used most.

Place Orders Easily

No more calling or catalog surfing to find a specific part for a particular repair job.

Create Part & Labor Items

Add Parts

Omnique allows you to enter the specific parts your shop uses by parts codes with identifying information that’s useful for your technicians and the customers.

Set Minimum and Maximum Values

Once a new part is added, you can set minimum and maximum inventory levels and your current stock for easy inventory management.

  • - Integrate with local parts suppliers
  • - Set minimum and maximum inventory levels
  • - Order parts from the same, easy to use system
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Taking Control of Your Business

Organizational Tools

Omnique was created to make life easier for independent auto repair shops. Our inventory management software is an intuitive feature that makes business easier for busy shops.

Recording Data

Understanding automotive parts inventory and costs is part of operating a successful business. Omnique is here to help you succeed with clear and valuable information.

  • - Accessible from anywhere
  • - Built by former shop owners
  • - Multiple levels of secure access

Let Omnique Do The Hard Work For You

Counting, calculating, and deciding how many parts you have and need is grueling. Let Omnique do the work for you! Our Automotive Inventory Management software will recommend ideal stock levels for the parts you use based on your sales history.


Omnique is compatible with all major operating systems and devices.


Your privacy and your customers’ is secure and protected on Omnique. never be compromised.


Our support and customer success staff is available to help your shop day or night through multiple channels, including phone, email, and live chat.