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Mechanic Estimating Software

The Auto Repair Labor Guide from Omnique was designed by former shop owners and includes practical features auto repair shops need. Our shop management software gives you access to the information you need to complete repairs effectively and efficiently.
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Get Access to Specs, Labor Times & More

Omnique’s Auto Repair Labor Guide gives independent auto repair shops and service departments the information they need to do the job right. The mechanic labor guide shows industry standards so that techs can perform repairs properly according to manufacturer specifications. Our system gives your team access to vehicle specs so they can work faster and smarter.


Use Omnique's Auto Repair Labor Guide to provide accurate repair estimates.

Create Repair Orders

Create a repair order easily within the same software to save time and stay organized.

Book Appointment

Add an appointment straight to the calendar from the repair order.

Time & Rate Estimates

See How Much Time a Repair Should Take

With Omnique’s Auto Repair Labor Guide, you can get valuable insight on repair labor times, allowing you to manage your team’s workload.

Get an Idea of How Much Repairs Will Cost

Our mechanic estimating software gives shops an idea of what repairs will cost so they can accurately represent it on the customer invoice.

  • - Keep your team ahead of the curve
  • - Eliminate surprises on customer invoices
  • - Plan and manage your team effectively
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Getting It Right For Your Customers

Create a Consistent Experience

Omnique’s mechanic labor rate guide gives an accurate estimate to shops, so they can share that with customers and eliminate any surprises on the final invoice.

Price Your Services Competitively

To earn and keep your customer’s business, you need to price your services fairly and competitively. Our auto repair labor guide helps you do just that.

  • - Create consistency on repair estimates and invoices
  • - Make sure your customers are charged fairly
  • - Competitively price your services to earn more business

Custom Canned Jobs

Omnique's powerful shop management software allows our users to create customized canned jobs for their usual repairs and services. Easily set up a canned job for your seasonal inspection or your shop's special maintenance check-up.

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