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Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Share Vehicle Reports With Your Customers

Digital Vehicle Inspection software is a big asset to creating value in your services. Digital Inspections create transparency with your customers so they feel included in the repair process and confident in the work resulting in loyal customers.
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Why Use Digital Vehicle Inspection Software?

Today's vehicle owner doesn't want to pick up their car without a word from their repair provider. A Digital Vehicle Inspection shows them that your team has put in time with their vehicle, inspected important components, and identified any potential problems. That gives customers reassurance that your team is trustworthy.

Customer Satisfaction

A DVI shows your customers what's going on with their car and helps them feel informed.

Increase ARO

Showing customers vehicles issues through notes and images helps them see the importance of repairs.

Fast Communication

Send communication straight to customers with a DVI instead of working through techs and service writers.

How Digital Vehicle Inspections Work

Omnique’s integrated Digital Vehicle Inspection feature slots into our software seamlessly, so using it as part of your shop’s daily operations is easy. Technicians can scan a vehicle VIN, enter the information manually, or attach to a customer’s profile. Then, they can submit notes, photos, or videos from their inspection for the customer to review. Send it with one click and the vehicle owner can easily provide feedback or give approval for repairs.

Access from Anywhere

Employees and customers can see the digital vehicle inspection report on any smart device.

Stay Connected

Include your customers on their vehicle's repair progress with notes and attachments.

Automatic Save

Omnique automatically saves technician notes and customer feedback on the DVI.

Build Trust With Your Customers

Accessible and Digestible Repair Insight

Omnique’s Digital Vehicle Inspection software gives vehicle owners insight into their car’s condition and repair needs, helping them feel included and confident.

Transparent & Upfront Communication

Simply knowing what’s going on with their car can make customers feel more confident to say yes to repairs. Transparency in a DVI helps a lot.

  • - Give customers an overview of their car’s condition
  • - Send accurate and transparent information
  • - Show specific problem areas and attach explanations
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Grow Your Business and Reputation

Keep Customers Coming Back

A DVI that builds trust through transparency may be the deciding factor that keeps vehicle owners coming back to your repair shop for all their automotive needs.

Get Approvals Easily

Communication breakdown is one of the reasons customers say no to auto repairs. A DVI gives them information to say yes with confidence, helping your shop succeed!

  • - Increase your average repair order
  • - Promote customer retention and satisfaction
  • - Add value to your services