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How Omnique Helps You Stay In Contact With Your Customers

Connect Instantly with Text Messaging Software

Did you know that Omnique’s comprehensive shop management software has a text messaging feature? This allows auto repair shops to stay in constant contact with their customers and get in touch instantly. It’s easier on your shop’s team and your customers. Text messaging is faster and more convenient than phone calls, and many customers prefer it. If you want to edge out competition, this tool can help. Your auto repair shop could use text messaging to its advantage and improve your customer’s experience. Here’s what you need to know about Omique’s text messaging system:

AutoText.Me Integration

The text message communication feature on Omnique is powered by our integration with AutoText.Me. This powerful tool allows shops using our software to get and give real-time updates on the status of vehicles in their service bays.

How It Works

Omnique’s integration with AutoText.Me works similarly to tracking a package. Once you place the order, you can see when it ships and where it is in transit. With our text messaging communication feature, vehicle owners get updates on their vehicle’s repair status sent to their cell phones. They can see how the repair is progressing and when it is complete.

Text Messaging & Transparency

Using text messages to provide status updates on repairs opens the bay doors for customers to know what’s going on with their vehicles at all times. That level of transparency helps them feel more confident in you, their auto repair provider. Sending texts with Omnique is easy but adds huge value to your services. It can be the difference that puts you above your competitors!

Productive Workflow

Transparency isn’t the only benefit of communicating with customers via text. Shooting out text messages instead of spending time on phone calls helps shops be more productive and efficient. Plus, by giving customers the information they need upfront, you eliminate inbound phone calls with drivers checking in on their car’s status. That frees up your service writers to focus on the clients right in front of them in the shop.

Ask Us About Text Messaging on Omnique

Are you getting the most out of the features Omnique has to offer? If you have questions about auto text messaging software, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help your shop be the best it can be. You can try Omnique without committing. Just ask for a demo!