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5 Gadgets Every Modern Auto Repair Shop Needs

Since the digital revolution is turning our cars into drivable computers with smart features galore, modern auto repair shops need today’s technology in order to properly service our vehicles. 

This means embracing technology with open arms — but not all of it! It obviously doesn’t make sense to spend a few thousand dollars on a piece of equipment your shop only uses once — you have to implement the devices that make sense for your customers’ needs and expectations.

To help you sort through the plethora of auto repair shop technology out there, here are five gadgets every modern auto repair shop needs to help make your shop run smoothly.

1. Electronic Devices

This is a bit of a blanket category, we know. But your auto repair shop will need things like tablets, laptops, and smartphones to speed up communications on the shop floor, between staff, and with your customers. These pieces of technology are absolute must-haves for any auto repair shop.

Your customers expect you to be able to communicate with them via SMS messaging to get updates on their service and even allow them to pay through their phone. When your service techs have tablets by the vehicle they can easily look up service history, search for parts, and more. 

These technologies streamline your entire shop and make your operations run smoothly from check in to check out.

2. Contactless Payment Software

Collecting payments in your shop is a huge time waster for everyone involved. It’s inconvenient to your customers, who want to be able to pay from their phones from wherever they are. And it pulls your team away from more important tasks that will help drive more revenue.

Contactless payment technology is incredibly easy to install and use, making this one a no-brainer for any auto repair shop. 

3. A Digital Vehicle Inspection Tool

Another way to save your customers and service techs time is to utilize DVI tools. A DVI greatly speeds up the inspection process and lets you share vehicle reports with your customers. It shows transparency and makes them feel involved in the process, which leads to loyal customers.

You’ll increase your customer satisfaction, boost your ARO, and provide fast communication to your customers, helping to get more repair approvals.

4. Tire Fitment and Ordering Tool

Quit grabbing a catalog or hopping on the phone every time you need to get tires. An integrated tire fitment and ordering tool helps you find vehicle and tire specs and place an order for the exact tires you need. 

You’ll quickly get tires from local distributors and create fair margins to not price gouge your customers. A win-win for all involved!

5. Shop Management Software

Shop management software is absolutely essential to running a modern auto repair shop. It will provide the central, cohesive environment that organizes all of the above systems into one convenient place. 

Your shop management software will be able to:

  • Sync your devices onto a central network and streamline communications
  • Handle point-of-sale functions
  • Monitor your purchase and inventory
  • Track data and finances to help you make better business decisions
  • Manage your accounting and payroll
  • Allow customers to schedule appointments
  • Manage your staff schedule
  • And so much more!

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