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Here's How Shop Management Software Changes Your Consumer Experience

Today, we’re going to do something a bit different. 

To help show you the difference between having and not having shop management software implemented in your auto repair shop, we’re going to take you on two separate customer journeys: 

  • A traditional journey without a tool like Omnique.
  • And a (much more efficient) trip guided by automotive shop management software.

The Customer Journey Without Shop Management Software

One day you’re pulling into your driveway and that little service sticker in the left corner of your windshield finally catches your eye. When’s the last time you even looked at it?

You check, and sure enough — you’re about 3,000 miles overdue for an oil change. You have a mini panic and start to wonder what else might be neglected in your car and engine. Are things starting to go wrong in there?

You open your phone and try to remember the name of your auto shop. You do a quick Google Maps search, find it, then call them up. 

No one answers. That figures. Probably busy working on cars.

You try again a few minutes later, get a hold of someone, and tell them you need to come in for an oil change. 

You hear the tech rummaging through some papers, then grab your name, contact, and vehicle information. 

“Okay, when do you want to come in?” they ask. 

You hadn’t even thought that far yet. Now, you’re opening the calendar on your phone to find a suitable day.

Not available.

“The soonest we have is next Friday morning — will that work for you?” asks the tech.

It really doesn’t — the morning is the worst time for you. But since you’re well overdue for service, you take the appointment. 

The following Friday rolls around and you have to leave a meeting early to bring your car in for your oil change. You arrive and they aren’t even ready for you — no bay is open. So you sit and wait and finally see them pulling your car in for your oil change a half-hour later.

After another 20 minutes, the tech comes over and tells you that your transmission fluid is low, you need an air filter change and coolant flush. Oh, and your wiper blades could probably use replacing, too. 

This catches you off-guard as you only came in for a simple oil change. Do you trust this service tech? He looks legitimate, but you’re wary of auto repair shop upsells in general. 

Yet the fear of something potentially going wrong with your car because you said no forces you to approve the additional services. 

You sit back down for another 45 minutes and are eventually called up to the register. The additional services have run your bill up to $450 — far more than the $65 oil change you thought you were getting. You pay for the work and leave frustrated. 

Factoring in the round trip and time spent waiting for service, you waste four hours of your day. You spent far more than you expected on services you’re not even confident you really needed. 

You no longer trust your auto repair shop and will likely go somewhere else next time you need service — maybe one of those express oil change places you see all the time. 

The Customer Journey WITH Automotive Shop Management Software

Consider the alternative scenario.

One day you pull into your driveway and see you have a text message. It’s your auto repair shop reminding you of your service appointment for next Friday afternoon – the time you chose last time you came in for service as it’s the most convenient for your schedule. You’re probably not getting any work done on a Friday afternoon anyway, right?

But — your son has a soccer game. You can’t make it. Instead of picking up the phone to call the shop, you simply reschedule the appointment online for the following Friday afternoon. No game that day — perfect.

You drop in that day on time and a service tech is ready to check your car into an open bay. They get to work on your digital vehicle inspection using a tablet, complete with your vehicle history loaded right up. 

The tech finds a small coolant/antifreeze leak from your radiator hose. The tech sends you a video via text message that shows the clear issue and suggests replacing the old, worn hose. Nothing catastrophic yet, but if you ignore it you could risk your radiator or worse. 

You approve the repair from your phone.

The tech is able to do the repair immediately thanks to inventory management software, which ensures they always have these important parts on hand. Thirty minutes later you receive another text that your vehicle is ready as well as an invoice that gives you the option of contactless payment. You take a look, — it shows just the oil change, radiator hose replacement, and work time — approve, and pay. 

You schedule your next service appointment before you leave the shop. Then, you hop in your car and leave. The entire process is completely contactless.

You leave satisfied, thankful your auto shop values your time and loyalty, and trusting them for their service thanks to the enhanced transparency. 


As you can see, there’s a clear winner here and it’s the auto repair shop that implements shop management software. The many features of a fully-customized suite enhance your customer experience every step of the way, from scheduling the appointment to picking their car up when it’s done.

Customers will appreciate the convenience, the transparency, and the level of communication and attention to detail. This is how you build loyal customers who return time and time again.

Ready to give Omnique a try to see what it can do for your business? Get started today.